Reel Actress Rankings (as of 12/5/16)

1.       Amy Adams – Currently starring in one of the best films of the year, Arrival, Adams is one of those actresses who has a stunning performance every year. This year is no different.

2.       Marion Cotillard – One of the best in Hollywood, Cotillard adds to her impressive list of career performances with her current role in Allied. She is one of the few actresses (or actors, for that matter) who I always need to see whatever she is in.

3.       Emma Stone – La La Land is on the tip of every critic’s and moviegoer’s tongue this season, including my own. I can’t wait to see this film, which promises to be unique. Emma gets better and better every year.

4.       Natalie Portman – I cannot wait to see her performance in Jackie, a film covering a historical time and event that I have felt needed to be made for a long time now.

5.       Jennifer Lawrence – Always stunning, always fantastic. Lawrence stars alongside fellow Hollywood blockbuster megastar Chris Pratt in Passengers. Many people will be looking to go along for that ride upon its release around Christmas.