REEL Actor Rankings (as of 2/6/17)

  1. Image result for denzel fences  Denzel Washington – Coming off of a SAG award a little over a week ago for Fences, Denzel is building momentum at a rapid pace towards winning the Oscar. As I have mentioned multiple times already, he should be considered the favorite to win Best Actor at this point to compliment the performance of his career thus far.


  1. Image result for mcavoy split   James McAvoy – Altough Split is overrated as a film overall, James McAvoy didn’t just deliver an epic performance – he delivered eight of them. The movie has been atop the box office for the past three weeks in a row, and he is a big reason for that.


  1. Image result for garfield silence  Andrew Garfield – Starring in two major films currently in theaters (Silence and Hacksaw Ridge), Garfield is also in a new film called Breathe, a film where he stars as a man who is trying to make the best of his life while struggling with polio. It is said that he is amazing in this film as well, however, it is currently only available overseas.


  1. Image result for affleck manchester by the sea  Casey Affleck – Affleck is losing some Oscar momentum as the result of Denzel’s surge, but he still won the Best Actor Golden Globe award for Manchester by the Sea, and is getting acclamation again for A Ghost Story – a film that has done tremendously well at the Sundance Film Festival.


  1. Image result for viggo mortensen captain fantastic  Viggo Mortsensen – The fact that Captain Fantastic was in theaters last summer and Mortensen still managed to land an Oscar nomination for his role in it tells me that his performance was that memorable. Months later, people who missed it are going back and checking this movie out because of him – myself included.