REEL Actress Rankings (as of 2/6/17)

  1. Image result for emma stone la la land  Emma Stone – Stone has now won two of the biggest awards of the season when she brought home both a Golden Globe and a SAG award for her performance in La La Land. Next up for her is the big one – the Oscar.  She is looking to become one of the few actresses to ever win all three awards in the same season (the last was Julianne Moore in 2015 for Still Alice).
  1. Image result for huppert elle  Isabelle Huppert – If anyone can pull off the upset and win the Oscar over Emma Stone, it is Isabelle Huppert. She has delivered the best performance in a movie most Americans have not seen in Elle.  The movie is said to be very hard to watch, due to its graphic physical and emotional nature, but Huppert continues to receive the highest praise for her performance.
  1. Image result for viola davis fences  Viola Davis – Davis landed a SAG award for her supporting role in Fences, and rightfully so. I don’t understand, though, why she is listed under supporting actress for this film.  She complemented Denzel Washington masterfully, but she was the lead ACTRESS in the movie.  You could also argue that she was actually the main character of the movie, and Denzel actually complemented her.
  1. Image result for portman jackie  Natalie Portman – Jackie appears to be a little bit of a bust, but Portman’s performance was still unforgettable. She still remains my pick to win the Oscar, regardless of the film’s shortcomings.
  1. Image result for hidden figures movie  Female Leads of Hidden Figures (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae) – This movie has picked up a lot of momentum as we are coming closer to the Oscars. Octavia Spencer earned an Oscar nomination for her role in this film, but the entire trio has been talked about often as a single, impressive entity.  Any of these three women could have earned an Oscar nomination here, but the fact that they all were incredible in their own right and support each other so much reflects the true message of this movie – teamwork makes the dream work.