REEL Actress Rankings (as of 4/6/17)

  1. th (5) Emma Watson – Emma is our bona fide number 1 rated actress right now. Not only is she currently dazzling on screen portraying the legendary Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but she also will be co-starring with Tom Hanks in The Circle, which hits theaters on April 28.  Both of these films being in theaters at the same time will give Watson a chance, albeit a slim one, to achieve a rare feat of being the leading actress in the top 2 movies at the box office.  She has truly become a blockbuster draw.
  2.  th (6) Scarlett Johansson – Scarlett, and the producers of Ghost in the Shell, took some heat for her being cast as the leading star of the Asian cult classic. However, it appears that followers of the anime world didn’t have as much of an issue with Johansson in the movie as others outside of it.  The film didn’t do as well as Dreamworks was hoping, and it most likely won’t get anywhere near breaking even.  But it still currently ranks third at the box office, and Scarlett showed once again she can be an action star.
  3. download Jessica Chastain – Chastain is one of the most consistently excellent actresses in the game. Once again, one of her powerful performances has the critics raving.  The Zookeeper’s Wife is the latest of Chastain’s greatest hits.
  4. th (7) Brie Larson – With Kong: Skull Island still holding its own at the box office, Larson is also starring in the low budget action-comedy, Free Fire, which is set for an April 21 release.  In addition to that, Brie was announced recently to be starring in the upcoming Marvel films, Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel.
  5. th (8) Charlize Theron – Although a fantastic actress with an Academy Award to her name, Theron seems to love playing roles in blockbuster action movies. In addition to Prometheus and Mad Max: Fury Road among others, The Fate of the Furious will be the latest action flick she adds to her resume.