My name is Chris Guest, and I am the creator and writer here on REEL Movies Matter. This is a movie site that will focus on achievements (and failures) in the film industry through movie reviews, rankings, ratings, etc. The reviews will be based on a “Matter Rating,” which is similar to a star rating or “thumbs up/down.” There also will be an Oscar Scale. It will reflect the chance, on a scale of 1-10, a movie has to earn an Oscar nomination for the noted categories listed, according to my personal opinion. The Matter Rating itself, however, is based on the following:

1-No matter or relevance whatsoever and was a complete waste of EVERYONE’S time

2-Awful movie all-around, leaves you wondering why the people involved would waste THEIR time

3-Bad movie, but had a moment or two that either made you chuckle or made you think

4-Below average movie that failed to live up to expectations

5-Average movie, once you’ve seen it, ya seen it

6-Solid movie, could’ve been better but left you satisfied

7-Good movie, would recommend it

8-Great movie, would definitely see it again and will buy once available

9-Fantastic movie, will be raving about it to everyone like I have stock invested in it

10-EPIC movie, a legendary achievement in film and one of the best I’ve EVER seen – can’t wait to share this movie with my children (very difficult to achieve, and rightfully so)