REEL Actor Rankings (as of 5/8/17)

1. th Chris Pratt – Pratt has become a blockbuster magnet.  It seems like every movie he’s in finds a way to lead the box office sales upon its release.  Pratt stars once again in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the latest installment to the crazy popular Guardians of the Galaxy series.  As predicted, Guardians slayed The Fate of the Furious to take away the top spot at the box office this week – ending a month long run at the top for the latest film from the equally popular Fast and Furious franchise. (1) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Speaking of The Fate of the Furious, it still is going strong at number two this week.  One of its stars, Dwayne Johnson, is still going strong at number two on our list, as well.  Incredibly enough, Johnson may take Guardians back down when his next film, Baywatch, hits theaters later this month. Aaron Taylor-Johnson/John Cena – Taylor-Johnson has become more notable ever since his magnificent performance in Nocturnal Animals this past year – a performance that earned him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.  He will be paired with John Cena, the biggest star currently in the WWE, in a movie produced by Amazon Studios called The Wall, which is scheduled to be released on May 12.  The film has gotten some early, positive buzz – mostly as a direct result of its two leading men, who are both said to be exclusively on-screen the majority of the film. (2) Michael Fassbender – Speaking of franchise films, Fassbender leads the cast of the latest, long-awaited film from the Alien franchise – Alien: Covenant.   The movie is set to hit theaters on May 19 and, because of the widespread Alien fanbase, could be a contender for a number one box office spot in its opening week, as well.  Fassbender is always incredible in his roles, so I am very much looking forward to what he brings to this series. (3) Charlie Hunnam – Hunnam is not totally a household name just yet, but he may be on his way as a result of landing the lead role in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  Hunnam, who is mostly known for his role as Jax in the TV series Sons of Anarchy and also is currently starring in the film The Lost City of Z, will play King Arthur himself in the latest reboot of this legendary tale.  Hunnam is getting a big push here to become a superstar, so let’s see if his performances will enable him to take advantage of the opportunity.