Reel Actress Rankings (as of 5/8/17) Emma Watson – Beauty and the Beast continues to do well at the box office, as it remains in the top five more than six weeks after its release.  Watson also stars in The Circle, which is currently ranked at number six.  Starring in two movies that are both in the top 10 currently at the box office is an awesome feat.  As a result, Emma has to still top our list. (1) Amy Schumer – Coming off the success of her self-proclaimed biopic, Trainwreck, in 2015, Schumer returns to the big screen on May 12 in Snatched.  Schumer was able to draw Goldie Hawn (pictured on the left) out of a partial retirement to co-star with her on the project.  Trainwreck’s success has created high expectations for Snatched, so let’s see if Schumer can go 2-for-2 as a leading lady in a major motion picture.  In addition, her stand-up special, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, debuted back in March on Netflix. (2) Charlize Theron – Being one of the leading ladies in a movie that has become a billion dollar earner is honestly enough to put you on this list by itself.  Charlize, judging by the high-grossing box office figures The Fate of the Furious is raking in, has been in front of a huge audience recently.  Of course, nobody is complaining. (3) Katherine Waterston – Waterston is starring in the new film Alien: Covenant, which hits theaters on May 19.  She is going to have some big, legendary shoes to fill, though, as she plays the new female lead in this series which made Sigourney Weaver famous in its original back in 1979.  This is going to be a big movie, and this franchise has a wide, diverse fan base.  If she kills it (pardon the pun), then it could go a long way to propelling her career to the next level. (4) Brie Larson – Larson currently stars as a hot gunslinger in Free Fire, a role relatively outside of her norm.  Although the movie is not doing great at the box office, the majority of critics like the movie and appreciate Brie’s performance.  She is doing a great job showing the world her versatility.  Speaking of versatility, Larson will be making her feature film directorial debut later on this year in a film called Unicorn Store.