REEL Actor Rankings (as of 6/9/17)


1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – You need a whole page just to talk about Johnson’s upcoming projects.  He finds a way to always land the coolest gigs.  If there is any movie or any role you wished would be brought to life or rebooted, you best believe The Rock is involved, and more likely than not he is playing that desirable leading role.  Aside from currently starring in Baywatch and The Fate of the Furious, Johnson also has been announced to star in the San Andreas sequel (those poor people are going to have to deal with yet another apocalyptic disaster?!), the title role in the Black Adam movie, and is rumored to be starring in the reboot of the cult-classic Big Trouble in Little China.  Oh yeah, not to mention he also will be starring in the new Jumanji movie at the end of the year, as well as returning as Spencer in the third season of HBO’s Ballers series within the next few weeks…and I didn’t even get to write about his 2020 presidential movement yet (I know, he already refuted the rumors.  But hey, it’s still early in the process, so who knows?)!


2. Chris Pine – Pine is currently starring as the charismatic Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman.  While Guardians is still in the top five, Wonder Woman is numero uno at the box office currently, earning over $103 million this past week.   Pine has recently been announced to once again play James Kirk in the next Star Trek film coming soon, and also will be teaming back up with Ben Foster in a medieval tale called Outlaw King down the road.  Foster and Pine starred together and received high praises for their exceptional performances in Hell or High Water last year.

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3. Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still going strong at the box office, coming in at #4 this past week.   In addition to starring in Guardians, Pratt’s character, Star-Lord, will cross over and appear in the next Avengers movie as well.  Not only that, but Pratt will once again play Owen in the next Jurassic World film, which is filming now and is set to be released next summer.  It looks like Pratt’s money train is rolling and isn’t making any stops any time soon.

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4. Joel Edgerton – Edgerton is starring in the highly anticipated film, It Comes At Night, which actually comes out tonight.  I have been looking forward to seeing this movie since I first saw a trailer for it this past winter.  Edgerton always gives great performances, so this one hopefully won’t be any different.  With the It reboot coming out later this year, It Comes At Night may not wind up being the highest grossing horror movie of the year, but it very well could be the class of its genre for 2017.

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5. Johnny Depp – One of my favorites, Depp is back as Jack Sparrow in the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mean Tell No Tales.  Depp has a full docket of projects coming up as well, most notably being his portrayal of Ratchett in Murder on the Orient Express this fall.  Just as Tom Cruise is currently starring in The Mummy, Depp has been announced to be starring in The Invisible Man project, a revamped rendition of the classic that will be featured in the new “monster movie” movement.