REEL Actress Rankings (as of 6/9/17)


1. Gal Gadot – Gadot is the new goddess of Hollywood as she stars in Wonder Woman.  The movie has had rave reviews by critics everywhere (myself included), and a large part of the film’s success has come from Gadot’s sexy and stellar portrayal of the legendary DC Comics heroine.  With Justice League coming at the end of the year, I am definitely looking forward to seeing Gadot as the Amazonian Warrior for the foreseeable future.

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2. Sofia Boutella – Boutella currently stars in the latest version of The Mummy alongside Tom Cruise.  She plays the evil spirit of the ancient princess, Ahmanet, who has been awakened from her crypt by a series of events.  In other words, she literally IS “the mummy.”  It looks like it’s going to be a big summer for the Algerian-born actress, as she also is set to star in Atomic Blonde later next month.

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3. Cast of The Beguiled (Nicole Kidman/ Kirsten Dunst/Elle Fanning) – The Beguiled hits theaters on June 30, and is equally as anticipated as it is intriguing.  The film revolves around three southern women (Kidman, Dunst and Fanning) falling for the same Union soldier (Colin Farrell) during the Civil War.  The talent level of this cast is crazy.  Combine that with the direction of Sofia Coppola and this film could be the first truly great film of the year.

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4. Cast of Rough Night – Oh yes, it’s ladies night!  The female star power in this one is too strong to just pick one person from the group, so I decided to put them all on this list together.  Typically in comedies like this, the focal group of the film becomes the star as a collective unit (i.e. The Hangover).  In the case of Rough Night, the group includes Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Gravitz and Kate McKinnon.  It also features the likes of Demi Moore and the hilarious Jillian Bell.  With such a talented group involved, this movie has potential to become the next great millennial comedy.

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5. Mandy Moore/Claire Holt – 47 Meters Down, which hits theaters June 16, tells the terrifying story of two sisters (Moore and Holt) trapped in a descending shark cage.  Their vacation turns into a fight for survival as they struggle to maintain oxygen while submerged in shark-infested waters.  Mandy Moore  has made great career choices recently, and this one appears to be one of them.  Aside from being on the uber-popular This Is Us series, she now may very well be a co-star in this generation’s version of Jaws (I agree that may be a little far-fetched but, you never know).